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QUIZ – What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You?

Apparently I am Quintessential Marketing Genius:

You can read the digital landscape like a genius to a matrix, or barber to a room full of hipsters.

You are the centre of the hurricane where art meets science.

You are known as the genius with the right mix of creative genius and smart, sophisticated measurement. You have the gamut of digital tools at the ready.

You have worked through the entire of marketing eco-system and know what really works!

You are the evolved marketer or the fully formed marketer, and can weave your magic using the art of content matched to the science of metrics.

You know the power of quality content through well crafted blogs, video and podcasts. You can capture the right leads and have optimised your content for search rankings.
You have worked at:
Every possible marketing technique, you have unravelled, tested and recreated. Perhaps you are the modern day mad scientist.

You are known for:
Your sense of humour. You get to have fun with your audiences. You laugh a lot and play with words, images, animations, infographics, video and podcasts.

In short:
You are smart, lean and get results without breaking the bank.

Check What type you are below.


QUIZ – What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You?

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