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It’s all about your Image

Visual presentation of your services, products or ideas will get the best response from your customer. That’s why showcasing your work or anything that stands for your business should be a very important part of your website. Visualization encourage to explore more and leads to the final sale.
Your Restaurant presentation
Visual presentation of services such as restaurant business became one of the most important way to gain new customers. As a restaurant or coffee shop owner you can’t afford not presenting your menu in a visual way. Lots of researches show that people are more likely to order from the image list compare to just written list. Best practice is to keep your online presentation go along with the actual look of your menu (branding). We would help you to keep your image identity consistent on your new website.
Construction company presentation
Customers who look to hire a construction company for their new project , based their final decision on recommendations as well as images from their work. Visual presentation of that work is worth a thousand words. Nowadays a lot of contractors promote their business on sites posting their credentials and charging for referrals. Most customers will still look for more information online by checking for the company website. That’s where Kate P Design would like to step in and fill that gap with professional website presenting your credentials and work images to be available all the time online no matter if your clients find you or not on the hiring websites.