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Let people know that you are available to help

You might think that people just know that you can help since you a contractor. But as a contractor, you might be specializing in let say indoor finishes vs. masonry outdoor work, plumber work vs. electrician work. I hope you know where I’m going with it. So if a person is looking for an advice, how important would be for your potential customer to know what area you can be helpful?

So how can you stand out?

I’m a web designer and my mission is to help you establish a website that will communicate with your potential customers. A lot of time websites are not providing what would a customer expect to see. And this is where you should get excited. Including FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in your website, as simple as it is, gives you an amazing advantage over competitors. Think about how many questions you’ve been asked by your customers so far? I bet lots of them were asked more than one, two, or three ….times. So frequently asked questions should naturally be a part of your website, would you agree? So is it?

Think about another advantage. Those questions can also become common advice newsletters send out to your current customers. Let’s break it down, shall we? We will compare this to going to fish. When you go fishing, you don’t know what you will catch but eventually, you will! Newsletter with answers to the common questions can work the same way. Let say you send out a letter with advice for winter preparation within things you can do. Someone reads it and voila, you help them realize their need to do something around their house. By the way,  who are they going to call to get that done? Yes, you guessed it. You!

All I want contractors to get out of this post is that your knowledge, experience, can be an amazing marketing tool. Your website with the insides of your experience becomes a solution provider rather than just a business card. When you work with us step by step, we can create that state-of-the-art FAQ.

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