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3 Mistakes Contractors make in their online presence



1 Depending only on third-party services

Listings from paid agencies seem the easier way to get some exposure to get potential clients. I used those myself as a customer but they still put the contractor in a pull full of other competitors that I had a chance to sort through. Most of the time business that has actual website will be picked over the one it doesn’t. There are of course other factors within the listings such as reviews but again your potential client will still want to double check for some more information about a prospective company. Your website is one of the most important factors to build client’s confidence. Showcase your work, get your credential and make the right first impression and the likelihood of them picking you is much higher.

2 DIY website

Ask yourself: how many times have you seen your customer calling you after they tried DIY project and that went let say not too well? Do you see where I’m going with it? Having a website consists of a lot of important factors that usually are overlooked within DIY options. Besides picking the right domain, establishing right logo and easy to navigate pages, there are other factors. I would call them “behind the scene” factors, that are very crucial too . Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) properly established should allow your customers to find you in their searches.  Doing it wrong or not at all would be like having an event without inviting anybody. In other words understanding your customer, should be backed with words that allows them to find you. Making a list of those words is a first step of building right keyword search strategy in the digital marketing.

3 Depending only on referrals

A lot of contractors just wait for referrals because they know how great they are. And I am sure they are. Problem #1: not very predictable. One week they are very busy and the other not as much or at all. Sounds familiar?
I just recently went through chimney repair process. I got the first contractor through referral to do my estimate. I wasn’t very impressed by the way he presented his expertise during estimate appointment. I went to check his credentials online and found nothing (he didn’t even have a business card). During that search, I also realized that there was no chimney specialist with a website coming out from my search?? (what an amazing opportunity for those within that specialty who decide to get their own website). I was able to find one contractor through the listing service that also had some reviews about him. That contractor ended up getting the job. We are also in talks of fixing his online identity issue by building his website as well. If there are other people that have the same issue as I just had, he will have a true advantage to be more visible within the searches just by having his construction business website.

In conclusion, if there is only one thing that contractors should learn from this quick checklist is that online prospecting is definitely the most important source for gaining potential customers. As there are different forms of reaching customers online, your website is one of the most important business cards you should carry around.
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By Kate Panasiuk

Owner of Kate P Design


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